How to REALLY find an internship?

How to REALLY find an internship?

Every spring brings along a multitude of internship opportunities in various companies. However, there aren’t as many internship positions available as there are interested candidates. That’s why finding and securing the right internship can be quite a challenge. How can you truly secure the internship you want? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article.

The talk about goals doesn’t end here!

Before starting your internship search, it’s important to consider what field interests you. What knowledge and skills you currently possess? Where you’d like to develop further? etc.

Before starting your internship search, determine your strengths, skills, and interests. If you’re eager to further develop your current strengths and find the next internship in a specific field, set goals for what you want to achieve during the internship. Whether it’s gaining your first work experience in a specific field, advancing from an intern to a position in a company, a higher salary, etc.

With a clear goal in mind, you’ll make more strategic and better choices for yourself.

Be a detective!

Before applying, be sure to research different companies and organizations that offer internship opportunities in your area of interest. Check out their websites, social media channels, and see what comes up in Google search results. A little preliminary work can provide you with valuable insight into the company’s activities, values, people, and in-house programs. Based on this information, it will be easier for you to make a decision about where you see yourself working and where you can fulfill your goals in the future.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step yourself

Are you already on your 10th round of exploring various internship offers and still haven’t found the right one for you?
Don’t be afraid to reach out directly to companies that interest you. Send your CV and cover letter to the company’s recruiter or HR person, explaining why you’re interested in doing one with them and what you have to offer. Proactivity can open doors you don’t expect.

Be creative and flexible

If the first step is to set your goals and choose the field you want to work in, be prepared to be flexible just in case. Spring brings many internship offers, but also many interested candidates. Therefore, there may be situations where you need to compromise a little on your preferences (but don’t be discouraged, your opportunity will come).

Sometimes an unexpected opportunity can turn out to be your best experience, expanding your horizons and teaching you new skills.

Keep your CV, LinkedIn, and other application forms FRESH!

Internship searches often come to us during university or at a stage in life where we don’t have much work experience. While employers may be understanding about the lack of work experience, not all are, and therefore it’s a good tip to keep your CV fresh and attractive. Include all relevant experiences, including volunteer work and completed courses that may be related to your chosen field. These show your dedication and readiness to learn. Also, can be a decisive factor in getting an internship.

Finding an internship requires patience, a positive mindset, and persistence. Stay consistent in your search and don’t give up in case of failure. The right opportunity may be just around the corner, so keep going! 🙂 We’re rooting for you!

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