I got laid off, how to move forward?

How to move forward from a layoff?

A huge part of who we are is tied to our career identity. Despite this, a sudden layoff can strike any of us. Regardless of how well you prepare, being laid off and experiencing it is never easy. What to do if it happens to you?

Staying positive after a layoff is possible, but it requires taking some simple steps. CV.ee team brings you some tips on how to maintain a positive outlook even after receiving a layoff notice.

Separate yourself from the layoff notice

Studies show that both men and women struggle with coping after a layoff. One of the main reasons is that many people tie their personal identity to their professional image. Both can depend on their career, and they have invested a huge amount of time and resources into their current job. The first step to staying positive after a layoff is to separate yourself from it. This requires some discipline, and you might need to practice focusing at first.

Try to understand that being laid off does not mean your personal ruin. A layoff is not personal, despite the fact that it affects you personally. Just as you acquired the knowledge needed for this job, you can do it again somewhere else. Although you were laid off, you still have valuable knowledge. Now, the challenge is to make these skills marketable and up-to-date. Refuse to feel rejected because of the layoff. You are more than your career. This is your chance to move with the new flow in your field. Don’t drown in a perceived failure.

Evaluate your position

The next step after a layoff is to make career decisions. Do you want to stay in your current field or move to another one? You might consider career counseling or seek advice from an HR specialist who can help you refine your current skills to a marketable level and quickly access new job offers.

Evaluate your position with a positive attitude. You already have x years of experience, which sounds good on a CV. Acquiring some new skills to add to your years of experience will make you even more valuable to future employers. Make sure to give a true assessment of your knowledge. Don’t be negative. Don’t compare yourself to others or to what your current employer said. Then put your evaluations to work for you.

Career change support and networking

As many other employees simultaneously experience various career conflicts, career change support is easily found online through different keywords. Look for positive articles that provide emotional support as well as real ideas for starting a new career. Also, try to attend different networking events that could help you meet new people in your field. For support, be sure to talk to a close friend or family member. As the saying goes, a shared burden is half the burden.

Don’t burn bridges

Even if you do your best to stay ahead of the curve, such as contributing a lot to the company’s development and achieving results, sometimes layoffs are unavoidable. It’s very important for your health to refuse bitterness after the anger subsides. One of the best ways to do this is to allow some healing time before communicating with former work friends and colleagues. Then, you can meet with a positive attitude toward former colleagues. Don’t burn your bridges! You might find your next employer among them, who collaborates with your previous one. Be cautious when talking about your former boss and avoid posting about your layoff online. If you want to share your experience, remember not to use offensive names, pseudonyms, or bad language. Keep your honor and reputation intact. Losing great future opportunities is not worth an outburst just because you were laid off.

What the future holds

You have just experienced a significant loss, but it’s not the end of the world. Stay positive by focusing on the future. Regardless of your age, gender, or position, it’s never too late to change your career path. You might discover tomorrow that experiencing a layoff pushed you into new and exciting directions you would never have dared to go otherwise. Take time to reflect on what is truly important for you and your family. If necessary, reassess and adjust your career standards. Do you really need to work more hours in a new career? Are you asking for enough money and benefits?

Maintain a healthy attitude

Don’t take just any job that comes along. Try to maintain a healthy attitude even if you want to stay in your comfort zone. Stay positive about your future after a layoff by maintaining your right to choose. You may be looking for a job, but certainly not out of desperation. Take the bull by the horns and give yourself options. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and open your mind to a new perspective and knowledge. The more you learn about yourself and life, the more confident you will be in making decisions about where to go from here.

Stay Informed

Don’t be afraid of missing out on the job market and keep yourself constantly updated with various field offers on the CV.ee portal.


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