Motivational letter example

Motivational letter example

What is a Motivation Letter? A motivation letter complements your CV. While the CV outlines your background, skills, and work experience, the motivation letter explains why you are the best candidate for the position. It highlights your strengths and skills that a concise CV might not cover.

Remember, a well-written motivation letter can enhance a mediocre CV. Even if your work experience isn’t directly related to the field, a motivation letter allows you to explain why you should be invited for an interview and considered for the position. This means you need to put effort into your motivation letter and avoid sending a generic response to every job posting.

What to Consider When Writing a Motivation Letter

Remember, this is a formal letter. Depending on the position, you can express your personality through word choice, but always remain polite and professional. Avoid slang and overly familiar language. If possible, read at least one example motivational letter to get the tone right.

The length should be 0.5-1 page. A too-long letter may indicate an inability to prioritize information, and also, recruiters don’t have time to read lengthy letters. Use common fonts like Times New Roman or Arial, size 11-12.

Definitely include your contact details to the letter, so that recruiters can easily contact you.

How to write a motivational letter?

Four important chapters explained in this motivational letter exmaple

  • First Paragraph: Mention the position you are applying for and your reason.
  • Second Paragraph: Describe your previous work experience and skills. Align your skills with the job requirements. Certainly, you should not simply repeat the information in your CV, but rather supplement it or bring out something new. If you have an exceptionally outstanding achievement, especially one that brought specific benefits to the company, this is the perfect place to mention it.
    Additionally, if your current skills match the skills expected in the job posting, we encourage you to highlight them through real experiences. For example, if you have completed military service and gained excellent teamwork and leadership skills from it, and these are exactly the qualities sought for the position, then you have already gained a slight advantage in the application process.
  • Third Paragraph: Explain your motivation for the job and how the company would benefit from hiring you. The information in this paragraph should distinguish you from other candidates with similar backgrounds.
  • Fourth Paragraph: The final paragraph is for additional information. For example, include details about when you can start working or a reference back to your CV. Encourage the recruiter to contact you by providing your contact information and expressing your readiness to answer any further questions.’

A motivation letter does not work without a CV. These two go hand in hand, so check here to learn how to create a CV in just six simple steps. The sample motivation letter and CV example will be invaluable in helping you find a new job.

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