Alma Career: Pioneering a Better World of Work 

Alma Career: teerajaja parema töömaailma loomisel
An Insight in Our New Brand Vision, Values, and Strategic Direction 

In a world where the landscape of recruitment and employment is continually evolving, Alma Career stands as a beacon of innovation and progress, committed to shaping a better world of work for everyone. Our recent strategic shift towards a new brand direction signifies more than just visual rebranding; it represents a profound commitment to revolutionizing the way we perceive and engage with the labor market. 

As the global workforce undergoes unprecedented changes, driven by factors such as increased mobility, hybrid office models, and technological advancements, Alma Career recognizes the need to adapt and lead in this dynamic environment. The decision to embark on this new brand direction was spurred by a deep understanding of current market trends and a desire to align with the evolving needs of employers and job seekers alike.  

We recently sat down with Agu Vahur, our director of Alma Career North, to delve into Alma Career’s journey, values, and the strategic shift that defines our new brand. 

What prompted Alma Career to embark on its new brand direction, and how does this strategic shift align with current market trends?  

Alma Career is a umbrella for many jobboards and related services. Implementing Alma Career brand with corresponding identity toolbox is an enabler to develop Alma Career organisation internally as well as communicate externally. Alma Career brand is instrumental espescially for international sales. But also for employer branding it makes good value to have one common international brand. I also have to admit that I really like the visual playfulness of the new brand. That communicates well contemporary trend towards more freedom on the labour market – increased mobility and choices the hybrid office provides us. 

“Alma Career’s visual playfulness mirrors the freedom and creativity inherent in today’s labor market, inspiring individuals to embrace diverse opportunities with enthusiasm and confidence.” 

How does Alma Career envision its role in shaping the modern world of work? 

Alma Career is the labour market opinion leader on our markets. We are visible in media and we prepare loads of content marketing materials. That means that we notice trends on the market at very early stage and then act as a catalyst for the development of labour market. We bring forward best practices and best employers in our societies. We act ourselves as a role model on the labour market. 

How does Alma Career differentiate itself from other players in the industry? 

„Local heart“ is the name of the game. Our biggest and most threatening competitors are global platforms on most of the markets. Knowledge and presence on our local markets will be giving us an advantage. And doing it in local languages. Supporting and developing the local employment culture.. Having well empowered and motivated teams on ground. Making sure there are better workplaces for everyone. 

Could you share some insights into the values that guide Alma Career’s operations? 

Openness was the most often repeated keyword in the latest survey amongst employees of Alma Career. Courage was also named. I feel those are the two existing lines in the existing Alma Career culture. However we have still slightly different organisational cultures in regions and in countries. Also cultural differences between nations influence this. Takes time to build common culture in that large variety of geographies. We have consciously avoided the process of implementing values from top down in Alma Career Management Team. Instead we focussed first on common working principles and involved Alma Career Management Forum – 50 leaders from all the regions and functions wording the working principles. Alma Career as a common organisation is still  a new thing. We need to let people to work some time in more integrated way and then come back to common values once we know how we think and what we believe across the geographies. 

What can clients and users expect from Alma Career in the coming years? 

Implementing common platform across Alma Career will enable ust o focus resources on developing an advanced smart jobboard platform that contains on eachg market generalist jobboard providing rich content of jobads and the same time features AI based codrivers for employers and jobseekers of specific industries. This may sound like a fairy tale the platform can be localised, still universal and the same time Industry specific, but looking at the technology development it should be doable in coming years. 

In summary, clients and users can expect Alma Career to continue innovating. We offer seamless solutions across the entire employment journey, positioning itself as the most relevant recruitment and development partner for job seekers and employers. As the talent shortage grows, Alma Career will be the right hand for companies seeking talents both locally and abroad. Alma Career’s journey is one of purpose, technology, and unwavering commitment to a better world of work. As Agu aptly puts it, “We’re not just in the business of jobs; we’re in the business of transforming lives.” 


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