CV.ee recruitment services: Which service to choose?

CV.ee recruitment services: Which service to choose? 4

We understand if you feel that the recruitment process is a difficult and time-consuming activity. Finding a new employee/employees with the help of a recruitment partner can be carried out comfortably and efficiently. Moreover, it is possible to organize the entire recruitment process 100% along with the placement of the employee. In general, you will have the opportunity to meet the selected candidates and make the final choice. Let’s take a look at which CV.ee recruitment services would suit your company.

There is often a perception that companies seek the assistance of external recruiters only for hard-to-fill positions. But it’s not so black and white. External recruiter assistance can also be utilized when demand for a position is high. In cases of high demand, it’s crucial to select the best candidates. CV.ee specialists possess the best recruitment tools and techniques for this purpose.

Recruitment services are divided into:

Full selection
Recruitment campaign


With pre-selection, a job profile is created for the position you are looking for. Text and design of the job advertisement is created accordingly. In addition to adding the job ad on the CV.ee job portal, the job ad is amplified on social media. In addition, recruiters send personal application invitations via e-mail to candidates in the database who match the described job profile.

With pre-selection, it is possible to significantly save the time spent on various technical operations, analysis of CVs and creating a first impression of candidates at the initial stage of the search. The pre-selection service is flexible in terms of activities. For each search, the necessary activities are mapped in cooperation with the customer. Pre-selection services are tailored for clients encountering a high volume of applicants, typically 50 or more. They streamline the evaluation of initial suitability, addressing a common challenge in the hiring process.


With a headhunting, an action plan is put together in cooperation with the client and both the recruitment need and the value proposition are formulated. In cooperation with the company, a job profile is created for the position being sought. Based on the criteria provided by the company, the recruiter prepares a search from the database and other channels where the target group is represented.

The recruiter then contacts suitable candidates. Once the candidates interested in the job offer have been found, the recruiter forwards them to the client along with comments, and the client can continue the selection process. In the case of a headhunting, it is also possible for the recruiter to arrange interviews with the candidates themselves.

For those candidates who were not selected, the recruiter will send a corresponding letter informing the candidate of their ineligibility.

Headhunting is suitable for clients who are recruiting people who are difficult to contact on the labor market. Whether the reason for this is the lack of a specific job profile, the demand or the specificity of the competencies.

Full selection with warranty

Full selection is the same as pre-selection and headhunting. A job profile is created for the position you are looking for, and the text and design of the job advertisement is created. The job advertisement is published on the CV.ee job portal for one month and, if necessary, extended by 2 weeks. If necessary the recruiter prepares a selection stage with additional online questions. These questions are sent to all or selected candidates through the Recruitee recruitment software.

In the case of full selection, the recruiter carries out the entire recruitment process until three suitable candidates are found. The client then receives an overview of the entire recruitment process from the recruiter along with suggestions. In the case of the full selection, it should be noted that it includes a 4-month guarantee for the new employee found. This means that if after four months it turns out that the employee is not suitable for the given position, a one-time search lasting up to one month for the same position will be carried out free of charge.

Full selection with guarantee is suitable for customers who want to outsource the entire recruitment and selection process and only participate in the final round evaluation with the strongest candidates. A good opportunity to get complete and professional project management from one place and save at least 25 hours of your working time.

Recruitment marketing/recruitment campaign

A recruitment campaign is a service where the CV.ee job portal’s marketing team prepares an attractive job advertisement for the position you are looking for and takes it to social media – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, along with the best solutions. Social media designs are also created by the marketing team based on best practices. All advertisements are set up under the social media accounts of the job portal, which gives credibility to the advertisements and ensures a convenient and fast service for the company.

What are the benefits of a recruitment campaign?

– Social media advertising significantly increases the number of suitable candidates

– Allows to achieve visibility even among passive candidates

– Increases the company’s reputation on the labor market

The recruitment campaign is well suited for larger volume recruitments or simply to fill more difficult positions. It also helps to raise the company’s reputation as an employer on the labor market, which is a good investment for the future.

In addition to pre-selection, headhunting, full selection and recruitment campaign, it is also possible to perform various additional personality tests for candidates. Check out other additional recruitment services here.

Get to know the recruitment services also using the table:


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