7 tips for posting a job ad on a job portal

7 tips for posting a job ad on a job portal 1

There are many different ways for posting a job ad on a job portal effectively . In addition to the general well-thought-out content, you should also pay attention to CV.ee‘s tips and advice.

Add public salary

Candidates often specify a salary range when searching for suitable offers on job portals. Therefore, job offers with a publicly listed salary are one of the most common ways for a specific target group of candidates to find job listings that suit them. If possible, use this knowledge to create an eye-catching job advertisement.

Set the correct location and category

When posting a job offer, don’t forget to specify the exact location and category of the job. The more precisely you define the job listing’s category, the more confident you can be that suitable candidates will find you.

Enter the “desired” job title and content

When entering a job listing, consider what terms a candidate might use to search for this job title in a search engine. The more complex and unique the keyword or job title, the less likely it is to appear in search results. In addition to the job portal’s own search engine, this can also increase the likelihood of appearing prominently in Google searches, as job portal listings generally rank high in search results.

Using the CV.ee database search is a simple and quick way to make direct offers to candidates.

Use our new database search features

The new CV.ee database allows companies to independently find active, suitable candidates and make direct offers to them. Every month, over 12,000 CVs are added or updated in the CV.ee database, and candidates can be searched based on work experience, job expectations, education, language and computer skills and more. You can save preferred search settings to your company account and subscribe to notifications about new suitable candidates.

Think through the job requirements

People’s confidence in applying for jobs varies greatly, and unnecessary requirements can cause you to lose many candidates. It’s important to highlight only the most essential requirements without which it’s generally impossible to start in the position. Various studies have shown that women are less likely to apply for job postings where the requirements do not partially match their skills or experience.

Use our effective additional services

In addition to classic job postings, the CV.ee job portal offers several effective additional services that can significantly increase the number of candidates. When choosing additional services, we always recommend consulting with a recruitment specialist who can guide you to the appropriate services. You can explore the additional services here.

Add a Call to Action (CTA)

Always include a specific and encouraging call to action in your job posting to prompt candidates to apply immediately. Our recruitment specialists recommend that it is more effective and simpler to ask candidates to apply directly through the CV.ee system. This way, candidates can apply directly with their CV without needing to download it to their computer.

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