What should a start-up company keep in mind to avoid hiring mistakes?

What should a start-up company keep in mind when hiring?

Finding the right people is crucial for a startup. An organization’s greatest asset is its people and hiring mistakes are costly. How to make the right choices and avoid wrong decisions?

Many entrepreneurs have an excellent gut feeling that helps them select the right people for their team. However, relying solely on intuition isn’t wise because poor choices can have multiple setbacks. Establishing a formal recruitment process is essential. By investing time and effort in finding the right people, the chances of hiring top performers increase, while avoiding costly mistakes. The CV-Online team presents five crucial factors to consider in recruitment.

Think about which values are important to your company

To hire the most dedicated and loyal employees, it’s crucial that their mindset and values align with the organization’s. What is your company’s mission and values? Which employees would best fit? These questions are worth considering, writing down, and keeping in mind when making choices.

Map out the necessary skills within the team

Review the tasks that need to be done and divide them into positions. Consider that key activities could be distributed among several people, as vacations, illnesses, and departures are inevitable. Create a job description for each position, outlining the tasks and the required level of experience and skills.

The job description is a practical work tool because it can be used to prepare a job offer and can also be used as a memo to talk about the company’s needs and expectations during interviews.

Examine the situation – are the necessary people available in the market?

It is a good idea to do a little market research before starting the recruitment process to understand how difficult it is to find the right people. If you are looking for workers who are in high demand in the market – today they are, for example, software developers, but also some other professionals – then it would be wise to use recruitment services. With the help of professionals, you save time and put together a high-quality and functional team, and you can focus on your main goals.

Prepare a recruitment process that looks beyond the CV

The hiring decision should be based on certain objective factors that you have established beforehand. There are several options to choose from that can be used individually or in combination. Create a scorecard that helps you evaluate and compare candidates based on important criteria.

Include several colleagues in the interviews to get a more balanced picture. Instead of reciting your resume, have the candidate describe how they’ve dealt with challenges in the past. Candidates could be asked to perform a task that requires the skills for which the person is being hired. A CV is only half the truth – beyond that, find out about the candidates’ interests, ambitions and values. For finalists, be sure to take the time to connect with their recommenders or other people they have worked with in the past.

A person is not a machine – give the new employee a chance to get comfortable

Prepare an induction program consisting of training sessions, a review of the documentation required for work, a thorough explanation of work tasks and work methods, and the handing over of work tools. Give the added employee a mentor who would help the new person adapt to his work, colleagues and the value space of the organization in his first days. A good start prevents the employee from leaving during the probationary period.

In the case of a start-up company, good employees and a smooth start are of decisive importance, and a large amount of your time and attention must be devoted to them. A wise manager knows when it makes sense to outsource the work of professionals. You can get ideas and help from CV-Online’s experienced advisors at various stages of the recruitment process by clicking HERE.

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